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LMI Report June 19 – 23, 2017


Labour Market Information encompasses material about occupations, wage rates, unemployment rates, employment outlooks and trends, education and training, and economic trends and conditions, as well as developments impacting these elements. For this compilation, articles are sourced from a wide variety of online publications. To capture the essence of the articles, edited excerpts are provided below (along with web links to the full articles – to be accessed at the option of the reader). A selection of specific reference links is included in the last section. Regular perusal of this report is likely to foster a good sense of local and broader labour market conditions and, also, any one article may at times prove to be a ‘gem’, something of particular relevance or value to a given reader. Find this report and past issues online at: http://new.kcds.ca/employer




The Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) Initiative contributes annually to aid in creating jobs for students aged 15 to 30.  The federal government provided $600,000 this year earmarked for youth employment in the Kootenay-Columbia riding.


Columbia Basin Trust’s Built Heritage Grants fund 16 projects with $1.4 million

(Columbia Basin) – Heritage structures are physical reminders of our communities’ pasts. They may represent community-defining businesses that have come and gone, or early ways of life that no longer exist. They may stand alone as singular examples or be part of a string of historic structures that add interest to a neighbourhood.


Balfour Water Users Approve Borrowing support the RDCK borrowing $583,323 to proceed with the Balfour Water System Upgrade

 (RDCK RELEASE) – On June 17th the RDCK sought approval from electors in the Balfour Water System Area via assent voting (referendum) to determine if they support the RDCK borrowing $583,323 to proceed with the Balfour Water System Upgrade and Universal Metering Project, which has an estimated total cost of $3,397,000.




B.C. education funding and teacher hiring marred by government uncertainty

B.C.’s ambitious plan to hire more than 2,600 new teachers is being hampered by a lack of money, bureaucratic hang-ups and the political uncertainty over who will form the next government, say teachers and trustees.


B.C. Liberals say electric vehicles to get $50-million boost in throne speech

VICTORIA — British Columbia’s Liberals are promising a $50-million jolt to charge up more electric vehicles across the province. Environment Minister Jordan Sturdy says the Liberals are not letting their minority government status serve as a roadblock to ongoing plans to build up infrastructure to support electric vehicles.

He says Thursday’s throne speech includes a plan to spend $50 million over five years to add more than 4,300 charging stations for electric vehicles.


B.C. Liberals plan to restrict donations, raise welfare rates

The B.C. Liberal government is preparing to propose new restrictions on campaign donations and offer an increase in income assistance rates in its throne speech set for Thursday.




Recreation property prices near Alberta’s big cities on the upswing: housing report

Recreational properties near the two cities have begun to see their markets turn a corner, with slight year-over-year price increases so far in 2017, shows the 2017 Royal LePage Canadian Recreational Housing Report.


Chinese technology incubator giant establishes first Canadian office in Edmonton

China’s biggest network of incubators is set to open its first Canadian office in Edmonton, a move that will open up one of the world’s largest markets to Alberta technology innovators. The University of Alberta’s relationship with Chinese education powerhouse Tsinghua University helped attract the company, TusStar, to the provincial capital city and the downtown headquarters of TEC Edmonton.


NDP pledges $26M to boost mental health services at Alberta university and colleges

Amid growing concerns over stress, depression and suicide on campus, the NDP government is pledging nearly $26 million over three years to boost mental health services for Alberta’s post-secondary students.

The funding, which includes $8.9 million this year, was announced Tuesday at the University of Calgary’s wellness summit.


Council approves $10-million fund to revitalize empty downtown core

The City of Calgary has set aside $10 million to help revitalize a struggling downtown, amid a record-high office vacancy rate that’s expected to worsen when two new towers open this fall….Council approved taking $10 million from the rainy-day fund to start the Economic Development Investment Fund, which will respond to the ongoing economic downturn, in a 14-1 vote.


Calgary’s $10M economic development fund is just the beginning: CED

The $10 million approved by city council earlier this week and earmarked for stimulating the local economy is just a starting point for what could become a much larger, long-term investment fund, the president and CEO of Calgary Economic Development said Tuesday.


‘The splinters are showing’: Conventional producers quit CAPP amid rifts over carbon tax

More than half a dozen oil and gas companies have left the Calgary-based Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers and, in some cases, joined the smaller Explorers and Producers Association of Canada, or no longer have any affiliation with industry groups.


New $5-million fund aims to help aboriginal women launch businesses

The Indian Business Corp. (IBC), which lends to indigenous entrepreneurs, is launching a $5-million fund Wednesday that will grant loans to 75 aboriginal women across Alberta over the next five years.




As Trump looks inward, Trudeau charts course forward with other allies

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is set to make global action on climate change and sustainable economic development a main thrust of Canada’s upcoming year as president of the G7.

In the aftermath of President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate change accord, Trudeau has been reaching out to the rest of the G7 to renew plans to push ahead and develop a green global economy, regardless of the United States.


Bombardier wins $1.7 Billion Q400 order from India’s SpiceJet

Bombardier Inc. (TSX:BBD.B) won an order from SpiceJet Ltd. for as many as 50 turboprop planes worth $1.7 billion as the Indian budget carrier expands its fleet to meet demand for regional air travel.

The deal is for 25 Q400 planes, with purchase rights for 25 more, Bombardier said in a statement Tuesday.


Vulnerability of indebted households to hit ‘historic’ levels as rates rise, PBO warns

OTTAWA — The expected, gradual rise of interest rates over the next few years is poised to push the financial vulnerability of indebted Canadian households well above levels seen in the last three decades, warns a new analysis. …A report released Tuesday by the parliamentary budget officer predicted that higher rates expected in the coming years will leave households exposed to economic shocks at “levels beyond historical experience.”


 Royal Bank Job Cuts To Affect 450, Primarily In Toronto Area

 TORONTO — Royal Bank of Canada says it is cutting 450 jobs, primarily from its head office locations in the Greater Toronto Area as it tries to revamp its business in light of shifting client preferences.


How Canada’s Polytechnics Are Developing Talent For Next Generation Infrastructure

Canada’s economy is inextricably linked to our infrastructure — and it’s always been so. Our nation and its economy would have developed very differently were it not for the construction of a transcontinental railway just fourteen years after Confederation in 1867.


Amazon Canada to hire additional 200 workers at Toronto office

TORONTO — Amazon Canada plans to hire 200 more workers at its headquarters in Toronto including for positions in software development, engineering, programming, marketing and sales and human resources.

Tamir Bar-Haim, the country manager for the Amazon Media Group, said e-commerce, technology and the Internet are still in their infancy.




Persons with a Disability: Labor Force Characteristics Summary

In 2016, 17.9 percent of persons with a disability were employed, the U.S. Bureau of

Labor Statistics reported today. In contrast, the employment-population ratio for those

without a disability was 65.3 percent. The employment-population ratio for both persons

with and without a disability increased from 2015 to 2016 (by 0.4 percentage point for

persons with a disability and by 0.3 percentage point for persons with no disability).


For thousands of US auto workers, the downturn is already here

Wall street is fretting that the U.X. auto industry is heading for a downturn, but for thousands of workers at General motors factories in the United Stated, the hard times are already here…


Oil to keep flowing in Dakota line while legal battle continues

Oil will continue to flow through the Dakota Access Pipeline through the summer while authorities conduct additional review of the environmental impact, after a judge on Wednesday ordered more hearings in coming months.


U.S. Wants Fast Lumber Deal as Canada Says Much Work Remains

Canada’s envoy to Washington says President Donald Trump’s administration is interested in a quick deal to end a softwood lumber dispute although Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government sees no imminent agreement.



Queen’s Speech: Plan aims to secure space sector

A government plan to secure growth in the UK’s £13.7bn space industry is laid out in the Queen’s Speech.

The stated purpose of the new Bill is to make the UK the most attractive place in Europe for commercial space – including launches from British soil.


 New US Russia sanctions bill riles Germany and Austria

Germany and Austria have sharply criticised the US Senate for tightening sanctions on Russia, accusing the US of threatening Europe’s energy supplies.


 CAE forecasts 255,000 new pilots needed by 2027, one-third in North America

MONTREAL — A report by Montreal-based flight training provider CAE says airlines around the world will need 255,000 new commercial pilots over the next decade, a third of whom will be required in North America.


UN chief: US will be replaced if it disengages from world

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned the Trump administration on Tuesday that if the United States disengages from many issues confronting the international community it will be replaced — and that won’t be good for America or for the world



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The rise and decline of Sears Canada

TORONTO – For decades, Sears was a quintessential part of the Canadian shopping experience. Its catalogues adorned coffee tables and its Kenmore-branded appliances were staples in homes for generations. But like Eaton’s and Simpsons before it, Sears has encountered a litany of problems…..

June 22, 2017 — Sears Canada is granted court protection from creditors. It announces plans to close 59 locations across the country and cut approximately 2,900 jobs under a court-supervised restructuring.


 Venezuela crisis: What is behind the turmoil?

Tension in Venezuela is on the rise again as the opposition and the government accuse each other of trying to stage a coup….There has been a wave of anti-government protests and dozens of people have been killed in protest-related violence since April. Here, we look more in depth at the problems facing Venezuela and its president, Nicolas Maduro.




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B.C. 2025 Labour Market Outlook


Labour market information can help job seekers make comparisons when looking for a job or moving to a new place. It can also help business owners identify new markets for their service or product, or to decide where to expand if theirs is a business that requires a high number of workers or workers with a particular skill set. [Replaces 2022 Outlook.]

B.C.’S Top Health Careers


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Nelson, BC – Community Profile Fall 2015


Contains a host of area related data including information on Labour Force Activity 2014, Labour Force by Occupation 2011, Labour Force by Industry 2014, Employment by Industry 2014, Median Hourly Wage by Industry 2014, Median Commute Duration 2011, Place of Work Status 2011.

Castlegar, BC – Community Profile Fall 2015


Contains a host of area related data including information on Labour Force Activity 2014, Labour Force by Occupation 2011, Labour Force by Industry 2014, Employment by Industry 2014, Median Hourly Wage by Industry 2014, Median Commute Duration 2011, Place of Work Status 2011.

Trail, BC – Community Profile Fall 2015


Contains a host of area related data including information on Labour Force Activity 2014, Labour Force by Occupation 2011, Labour Force by Industry 2014, Employment by Industry 2014, Median Hourly Wage by Industry 2014, Median Commute Duration 2011, Place of Work Status 2011.

2016 Best Workplaces in Canada

While there is no single right way to create a great workplace, the very best companies have managed to create a culture where employees TRUST the people they work for, have PRIDE in what they do, and ENJOY the people they work with. And the winners are:

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BC’s Top Occupations

Our top occupations are largely based on the projected job openings to 2024. These openings include new jobs created through economic growth as well as replacement jobs due to retired workers.


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Our alphabetical listings of unions comprise their name and a link to the contact section of their website. This way you are assured that our listings are as up-to-date as the unions themselves keep them. If there is no website, their telephone number is shown.



 FACTSHEET: LNG project proposals in British Columbia

These are the export projects in various stages of development as of February 20, 2017


 Engineering Labour Market in Canada: Projections to 2025



Companies in British Columbia & Alberta

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Top 100 Projects for 2016 – Canada’s Biggest Infrastructure Projects


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