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LMI Report May 8 – 12, 2017

Labour Market Information encompasses material about occupations, wage rates, unemployment rates, employment outlooks and trends, education and training, and economic trends and conditions, as well as developments impacting these elements. For this compilation, articles are sourced from a wide variety of online publications. To capture the essence of the articles, edited excerpts are provided below (along with web links to the full articles – to be accessed at the option of the reader). A selection of specific reference links is included in the last section. Regular perusal of this report is likely to foster a good sense of local and broader labour market conditions and, also, any one article may at times prove to be a ‘gem’, something of particular relevance or value to a given reader. Find this report and past issues online at: http://new.kcds.ca/employer



 Repairing rides on the road

Most businesses that fit on four wheels are filled with food. You won’t find hot dogs in Chad Bullock’s SUV. Instead, it’s loaded with tools to fix vehicular dings and dents.

Kootenay Auto Worx is Castlegar’s new mobile repair service. “I provide convenience for the customer,” said Bullock. “I come to your home or place of work and complete those repairs right there for you.”



CFDC Hosts Agriculture Forum

Community Futures Development Corporation, Boundary, hosts an agriculture-themed forum on May 23 and 24 in Grand Forks

South-central B.C.’s Boundary region offers a wealth of opportunities for sustainable, small-scale agriculture and the increasingly important issue of food security.

Community Futures Development Corporation (CFDC), Boundary, hosts the 13th annual Community Economic Development Regional Forum in Grand Forks, B.C., on May 23 and 24 at the Grand Forks curling rink. The forum is held in a different community each year, and the theme changes according to the priorities of the host area. This year’s forum title is “Valuing Agriculture as an Economic Driver.”




BC election brings uncertainty for business sector, pipelines

British Columbia’s election has brought unwelcome uncertainty for the business sector, given the prospect of an ascendant Green Party influencing policy on pipelines, natural gas exports, hydroelectricity and other resource projects.



Forget tidal – the B.C. advantage is wave power

A new study from the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions quantifies just how much energy those waves contain, and recommends that B.C. take advantage of its world-class wave power to become a kind of “living lab” for ocean energy technology developers.



Thermal coal exports could be B.C.’s Trump card

 Offshore market access a potential bargaining chip, regardless of election outcome: analyst

The BC Liberal leader asked Ottawa to ban thermal coal exports through B.C. ports – something that would kill the $15 million Fraser Surrey Docks new coal terminal plans and wipe out $100 million worth of business for Westshore Terminals, where American thermal coal accounts for one-third of its business.




Rachel Notley vows to work with B.C. government after election splits power

 Tuesday’s historic election in the western province has plunged Alberta’s neighbours into the kind of uncertain minority government not seen in 65 years, though Liberal Leader Christy Clark has vowed to keep governing as premier



Alberta’s net financial position has deteriorated by $68 billion in 11 years

Alberta Finance Minister Joe Ceci (pictured above) recently claimed that the provincial government will maintain its spending trajectory, regardless of whether the province suffers another credit downgrade.

With the province having already seen its credit rating downgraded, and with big budget deficits projected for the rest of this government’s fiscal plan, it’s not clear what evidence could possibly convince the Minister Ceci to realize the current strategy is not working and to change course.



Keystone XL reaction: Rachel Notley says Energy East, Trans Mountain pipeline expansion still needed

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley says U.S. approval of the Keystone XL pipeline does not lessen the need for two other controversial proposals within Canada’s borders



New $85-million wood-pellet plant announced west of Edmonton

A B.C. company plans to start construction this summer on an $85-million plant in Parkland County that will produce wood pellets as a greener form of fuel.

Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc. intends to build the facility near the CN Rail line outside Entwistle, 100 kilometres west of Edmonton, according to a news release



Alberta could be coal-free years ahead of deadline as ATCO plans natural gas transition by 2020

Alberta could realize its goal of phasing out coal-fired electricity years ahead of schedule as ATCO Ltd. announced Wednesday it planned to transition its power plants to burn natural gas by 2020.

“We’re actually looking at greening them by 2020, not 2030,” ATCO president and CEO Nancy Southern said Wednesday of the company’s coal-fired power plants and the NDP government’s 2030 deadline to phase them out.




Canadian Tire profit surges 26% despite warm winter, soaring past market expectations

TORONTO — Net earnings surged 26 per cent at Canadian Tire Corp. in the first quarter despite warmer than expected weather in January and February.



Legal marijuana will only sip 1% out of$22.1B Canadian booze sales, study suggests

MONTREAL — The recreational marijuana industry is expected to take a sip of less than one per cent initially out of annual Canadian alcohol sales once it becomes legal, a new analysis says.

The Anderson Economic Group, a business consulting firm in New York, says legalization of marijuana would sap $160 million out of the country’s $22.1 billion booze sector, rising as use of the drug expands.



Taxation among First Nations would encourage greater accountability and good governance

Simply put, indigenous citizens would have a much bigger stake in their governance if they paid for it. They would have real control over their communities and destinies if more funds were generated on reserve. Right now, funding and service decisions are made by federal bureaucrats.

Band members would also have a more realistic sense of what services can be funded and supported if they finance those services themselves. And self-taxation would provide bands with a reliable revenue source for their own priorities and community planning.



Poor Implementation Undermines Carbon Tax Efficiency in Canada

Poor Implementation Undermines Carbon Tax Efficiency in Canada finds that the theoretical benefits of carbon taxes and cap-and-trade schemes—that they can lower emissions and improve the economy at the same time—are negated by poor implementation such as layering these schemes on top of, instead of replacing existing regulations.



Only 10.6% of Ottawa’s nearly $100 billion in new infrastructure spending is for trade and transportation

 The current federal government has explicitly said the goal of its 12-year infrastructure spending plan is to help grow the economy and increase the prosperity of Canadians, particularly middle-class Canadians. The fundamental problem, however, is that only a small fraction of the nearly $100 billion in new infrastructure spending proposed by the current government is earmarked for projects that have the potential to actually improve the economy.



Trudeau government close to breaking all-time record for per-capita federal spending: Fraser Institute

With the Liberals planning to spend $8,337 per person in 2017, the government of Justin Trudeau is close to breaking the all-time record for per-capita federal expenditures, according to a new report by the Fraser Institute.

The number one spot, however, remains Stephen Harper. The Conservative leader hit a per-Canadian total of $8,375 in 2009 when he was overseeing spending increases intended to counteract the effects of the global recession.




Apple steps up its effort to emphasize its economic impact

SAN FRANCISCO — Apple is getting more aggressive about emphasizing its role in the U.S. economy, apparently hoping to counter recurring criticism over its reliance on overseas factories.

On Wednesday, Apple for the first time released a state-by-state breakdown of where its 80,000 U.S. employees work, showing that more than half of them are located outside Silicon Valley. It also announced a $1 billion fund aimed at creating more U.S. manufacturing jobs, although it provided few details.



As Farmers Worry, Agriculture Department Will Promote Trade

On his second day in office last month, Perdue helped persuade Trump not to withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement with Mexico and Canada, arguing that doing so would hurt U.S. farmers. Trump has said he will work to renegotiate the pact instead.

Perdue said the new undersecretary will work with the U.S. trade representative and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross to “ensure that American producers are well equipped to sell their products and feed the world.”




Germany’s Siemens to Cut 2,700 Jobs as It Modernizes IT Unit

German industrial conglomerate Siemens AG says it’s cutting or outsourcing 2,700 jobs as part of efforts to modernize its IT operations and increase efficiency elsewhere.


Netflix to Hire Hundreds for New Amsterdam Customer Hub

Streaming service Netflix says it will hire 400 staff for its new Amsterdam-based European customer service headquarters and plans to announce at least six new original European projects before the end of 2017



Mexico warns U.S. of alternatives on trade, points to China

Mexico sent a stark message to U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday, saying an upcoming visit to China in September made it clear Latin America’s No. 2 economy “has lots of other alternatives” amid tense trade negotiations.

Mexico is grappling with Trump’s desire to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that underpins its economy, prompting the government to try and diversify away from the United States, which takes 80 percent of its exports.



Sears CEO Lampert blames company’s woes on ‘irresponsible’ media

Sears Holdings Corp (SHLD.O) Chief Executive Officer Edward Lampert blasted the media on Wednesday for “unfairly singling out” the company over the past decade and blamed “irresponsible” coverage for the retailer’s woes.

Sears, once the largest U.S. retailer, warned investors in March there was a chance it may not be able to continue as a going concern after years of losses and declining sales.




The History and Development of Canada’s Personal Income Tax: Zero to 50 in 100 Years

 In recognition of the 100th anniversary of Canada’s personal income tax (PIT), the Fraser Institute asked a group of accomplished scholars to analyze and assess the emergence, development, and current state of Canada’s federal personal income tax. The following provides a short synopsis of the essays.


Nelson city council, prioritize affordable housing




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B.C. 2025 Labour Market Outlook


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B.C.’S Top Health Careers


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Nelson, BC – Community Profile Fall 2015


Contains a host of area related data including information on Labour Force Activity 2014, Labour Force by Occupation 2011, Labour Force by Industry 2014, Employment by Industry 2014, Median Hourly Wage by Industry 2014, Median Commute Duration 2011, Place of Work Status 2011.


Castlegar, BC – Community Profile Fall 2015


Contains a host of area related data including information on Labour Force Activity 2014, Labour Force by Occupation 2011, Labour Force by Industry 2014, Employment by Industry 2014, Median Hourly Wage by Industry 2014, Median Commute Duration 2011, Place of Work Status 2011.


Trail, BC – Community Profile Fall 2015


Contains a host of area related data including information on Labour Force Activity 2014, Labour Force by Occupation 2011, Labour Force by Industry 2014, Employment by Industry 2014, Median Hourly Wage by Industry 2014, Median Commute Duration 2011, Place of Work Status 2011.


2016 Best Workplaces in Canada

While there is no single right way to create a great workplace, the very best companies have managed to create a culture where employees TRUST the people they work for, have PRIDE in what they do, and ENJOY the people they work with. And the winners are:

Best Workplaces in Canada – Large and Multinational / Best Workplaces in Canada – Medium / Best Workplaces in Canada – Small

Best Workplaces in Canada for Women & Download our The Globe & Mail report


BC’s Top Occupations

Our top occupations are largely based on the projected job openings to 2024. These openings include new jobs created through economic growth as well as replacement jobs due to retired workers.



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FACTSHEET: LNG project proposals in British Columbia

These are the export projects in various stages of development as of February 20, 2017



Engineering Labour Market in Canada: Projections to 2025



Companies in British Columbia & Alberta

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BC Jobs Plan



BC Major Projects Inventory


The BC Major Projects Inventory (MPI) contains summary information on major projects in the Province of British Columbia, Canada, that are over $15 million (Cdn) capital cost, or $20 million in the Lower Mainland–Vancouver area.


Major Projects Inventories Across Canada



Community Futures Central Kootenay Workshop Schedule



Top 100 Projects for 2016 – Canada’s Biggest Infrastructure Projects



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