KCDS Kootenay Career Development Society

The experts at KCDS have their fingers on the pulse of employment support programs, training and education. The team puts together job seekers and employers, helping them both achieve their goals.

KCDS is committed to diversity, inclusion and respect. This means:

  • Hiring employees who represent the population we serve
  • Removing barriers that may prevent equitable employment
  • Supporting respectful work environments where everyone feels included and able to produce excellent results

To support employment equity and diversity in the workplace, we welcome applicants from all groups. This includes women, visible minorities, Indigenous Peoples, persons with disabilities, persons of diverse sexual orientation, gender identity, or expressions, (LGBTQ2S+) and others who may contribute to the diversity of KCDS.

KCDS is a non-profit society with charitable status operated by a volunteer Board of Directors and incorporated under the British Columbia Society Act.



Sue Adam | Chair

Sue has over 30 years’ experience as a business consultant and project manager, managing teams solving complex problems in major change initiatives across a wide variety of industries: hospitality, non-profit performing arts and museums, healthcare, software development, banking, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, telecommunications and insurance.  She has worked or volunteered with local organizations including Whitewater, Nelson Chamber of Commerce, Streetfest, Touchstones Museum, KCDS, Civic Theatre, and Oxygen Art Centre.  Sue’s education is in languages, including a BA in French and Spanish and a BSL with high distinction (Bachelor of Science in Languages / Translation) from Laurentian University; she is currently learning Danish to be able to talk with her grandchildren.  She is an avid traveler and when at home can usually be found relaxing with a book.

David Reid | Secretary

David Reid has been an active member of the Nelson community since his arrival 2009 with his partner Sarah. David has 18 years of experience in the environmental non-profit sector, most recently as Executive Director of West Kootenay EcoSociety. David completed a Master’s Degree in Dispute Resolution from University of Victoria and helped to start the Nelson Good Neighbours community mediation program. David enjoys outdoor adventure, playing mandolin and guitar, and woodworking.

Laureen Barker | Director

Current commitments:

  • Nelson and District Credit Union Board 2010 – present.
  • Kootenay Insurance Company Board Member; Representative of NDCU
  • Upper Columbia Cooperative Council Board member; Representative of NDCU

Before arriving in Nelson I lived briefly in Trail.  I was downsized twice and ventured into entrepreneurism as a means to remain in the area with a stable income.  You may know me as a co- owner of Gaia Rising on Baker Street.

I have worked for large bureaucracies, small mom and pop businesses, benefited from programs similar to those offered by KCDS; Architectural Drafting 1979 at BCIT, The Britannia employment enhancement project 1984 in Vancouver (after being away from employment while my kids were little) Long Term Care Aide 2001 Selkirk College.

I understand financial statements and I understand cash flow.  I understand risk and I understand the risk of not taking a risk, remaining in the same place while the world changes around you.

Jodie Brady | Director

Jodie has over twenty years of experience leading finance and operations organizations in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. She has extensive private financing, M&A, IPO, strategic planning and international operations management experience. Jodie served as Director of Operations for The Bitcoin Foundation, a non-profit focused on protecting and promoting the emerging crypto-currency. Prior to that, she served as Chief Financial Officer for CoinLab, a bitcoin business incubator, and Clear Path International, a non-profit, which provides support to conflict survivors around the world. She also held the positions of Vice President of Finance and Vice President of Business Operations for Pixelworks, Inc., a public company, which makes video and pixel processing semiconductors and software. Jodie received her B.A. in Business Administration with honors from Pacific University. In her free time, Jodie enjoys spending time outdoors with her family; she is passionate about healthy food systems and is an avid animal lover.

Dale Mackenzie | Director

Early in her professional career, Dale MacKenzie was employed as a mental heath social worker in both rural and urban communities in Manitoba with specializations in adult mental health, family therapy and family violence. She was a founder of a crisis centre for battered women while completing her Master of Social Work at the University of Manitoba. She then was appointed by the Province of Manitoba  as Coordinator of Evaluation and Training for all developing  shelters across the province. During the last decades of her government employment, she was Executive Director of the Manitoba Government’s Employee Assistance Program, a counselling and resource program for 11,000 employees. In this capacity she worked with every Department across government from Deputy Ministers to front line employees. She was recognized for her expertise in a variety of special workplace issues such as government downsizing, workplace conflict resolution, critical incidence trauma interventions, and the assessment and response to sexual harassment in the workplace. Most recently, when she lived in Montreal, she was contracted by the McGill School of Social Work to supervise master-level students in EAP service delivery. She taught and supervised workplace assessments and interventions. During this time she maintained a consultation business (“Workplace Interventions”) that provided support to federal, provincial and municipal government departments and to non-profit community agencies.



Kootenay Career Development Society is a dynamic, diverse and change-responsive centre of excellence, that empowers individuals, employers and communities economically and socially through career development, employment counselling and human resource planning.




  • We are dedicated to the highest quality of client service based on the most current labour market information and job search tools and techniques
  • Kootenay Career Development Society establishes and maintains a collaborative relationship with clients that is respectful, inclusive, engaging and non-judgemental
  • Through human resource planning support employers in the development of a skilled workforce
  • Working together as a team we will continue to maximize our resources to support the employment and career development needs of unemployed individuals in our community
  • Contribute through all our activities to a healthy and vibrant economy
  • Encourage life-long learning and support individuals to form a long-term meaningful attachment to the labour market
  • Connect employees to employers through supporting employee recruitment, training and retraining
  • Offer support, inspiration and motivation to individuals seeking employment
  • Build partnerships with the employer community
  • Maintain an ongoing process to evaluate climate for learning and client service


  • Respect | Respect for our clients, community and each other
  • Inclusiveness | Embrace diversity and include our clients, partners and community members in planning
  • Responsibility | Ensure program and financial accountability to clients and funders
  • Learning | Work as a team to create an open, innovative learning environment
  • Integrity | Demonstrate fairness, compassion and honesty
  • Support | Encourage clients and members to identify their assets and strengths
  • Leadership | Provide leadership in the areas of employment and economic/social development
  • Change-responsive | Understand and adapt to change
  • Balance | Model meaningful work/life balance
  • Authenticity | What we say, we do
  • Professional Excellence | Demonstrating best practices