KCDS Kootenay Career Development Society

The experts at KCDS have their fingers on the pulse of employment support programs, training and education. The team puts together job seekers and employers, helping them both achieve their goals.

KCDS is a non-profit society with charitable status operated by a volunteer Board of Directors and incorporated under the British Columbia Society Act.



  • Jodie Brady | Director
  • David Reid | Director
  • Laureen Barker | Director
  • Carina Costom | Director
  • Sue Adam |  Chair
  • Prudence-Elise Breton | Director



Kootenay Career Development Society is a dynamic, diverse and change-responsive centre of excellence, that empowers individuals, employers and communities economically and socially through career development, employment counselling and human resource planning.




  • We are dedicated to the highest quality of client service based on the most current labour market information and job search tools and techniques
  • Kootenay Career Development Society establishes and maintains a collaborative relationship with clients that is respectful, inclusive, engaging and non-judgemental
  • Through human resource planning support employers in the development of a skilled workforce
  • Working together as a team we will continue to maximize our resources to support the employment and career development needs of unemployed individuals in our community
  • Contribute through all our activities to a healthy and vibrant economy
  • Encourage life-long learning and support individuals to form a long-term meaningful attachment to the labour market
  • Connect employees to employers through supporting employee recruitment, training and retraining
  • Offer support, inspiration and motivation to individuals seeking employment
  • Build partnerships with the employer community
  • Maintain an ongoing process to evaluate climate for learning and client service


  • Respect | Respect for our clients, community and each other
  • Inclusiveness | Embrace diversity and include our clients, partners and community members in planning
  • Responsibility | Ensure program and financial accountability to clients and funders
  • Learning | Work as a team to create an open, innovative learning environment
  • Integrity | Demonstrate fairness, compassion and honesty
  • Support | Encourage clients and members to identify their assets and strengths
  • Leadership | Provide leadership in the areas of employment and economic/social development
  • Change-responsive | Understand and adapt to change
  • Balance | Model meaningful work/life balance
  • Authenticity | What we say, we do
  • Professional Excellence | Demonstrating best practices